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Amish 3P Tux


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Always sharp, always in style!

Get your Grogo Tuxedo for all your events and be prepared to steal the spotlight! 



Be the best dressed in any setting.

  • Color: Black
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Segment: Ceremonial – Traditional
  • Type: Three Piece Suit
  • Lapel: Peak
  • Buttons: Black
  • Trousers: same color and design as suit jacket
  • Waistcoat: Different colour of waist coat to give the exclusive effect
  • Fabric: 100% Wool
  • Care: Dry Clean Only

(shirt and tie not included)


  • The use of a quality coat-hanger to give your suit a relaxed rest.
  • The use of a garment bag in order to prevent from dirt and dust.
  • Occasionally steam and brush the suit.
  • Do NOT wash it by hand or machine. Only make use of dry cleaning.
  • Air your suits after use for between 24-48 hours.


Our suits are made from the highest quality fabrics for every man who wants to feel special. Furthermore, what really makes us stand out is our exclusive customer service. At Grogo, we believe that there is only one boss, and that is the client.
We have a great collection of suits available for you for any occasion.
In our store, we make sure that our clients are guided and taken care of throughout the whole experience at GROGO. The customer is assisted by a Personal Advisor in the store. Our advisors will help in the selection of the garments and they will make sure the garments are in the perfect fit.


We always recommend altering a suit to the perfect fit by a tailor. Fortunately, we have our own in-house tailor at your disposal. Through the fitting process with the personal advisor, our tailor will make sure the garment will be altered to your body. However, we are only able to offer this service at our physical store in Antwerp.

(NOTE: Our suits belong to the segment of Ready To Wear. Alterations on the existing standardised suits will be done by our in-house tailor.)


  • Shoulders: The shoulders on the suit jacket should naturally stick to the shape of your shoulder. It should not be extending or fall short.
  • Body: Your suit jacket should fit close to the body. However, it should not be to the extent that it is pulling.
    Golden rule: Always leave the bottom button open!
  • Jacket Length: In order to maintain the correct length, your suit jacket should drape enough to cover your rear. It should end in front around your crotch.
  • Sleeves: The right way is by showing 1/2” 1/4” of shirt cuff from underneath your jacket sleeve.
  • Trousers Fit: The fit of your trousers should be not too tight, just trim. The pockets on your side should lay flat against it. A slim taper on the leg will help to maintain a slim fit look.

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