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4everwhite is part of an e-commerce group that was founded in the fall of 2010. We are a customer driven organisation, who focus on acquiring premium products and offer them at desirable prices.

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The Beginning

Our company started out as a wholesale operation way back in 2008. Some success was achieved from supplying niche personal care brands to independent businesses in the Yorkshire region. Focusing on driving down the price of our goods, we were able to beat our competition and become leaders in our sector.

By this point we knew our next move was to acquire larger, more popular brands and grow our client base. 

Company Digitalization

Within a couple of years of trading, our founders made the bold decision of venturing into the e-commerce industry. Online shopping was becoming more popular and it showed no signs of slowing down. It seemed that convenience was the leading factor and primary appeal of online shopping. According to many sources, convenience continues to drive e-commerce growth and influence consumer decisions

Potential buyers could view endless amounts of products from multiple stores in no time. Compare this to your typical high street, where you spend hours visiting each store separately, only to find limited product availibility.

It became clear to the founders that e-commerce would become a vital part of our company’s future. 

The Best Teeth Whitening Products

One of the main focuses of our organization is providing amazing products for whitening teeth at home. Our staff force consists of experienced beauty therapists and experts who have extensive insight of the teeth whitening industry.

This wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to procure and provide high quality proucts that deliver long lasting results for our customers. 

Reports show our sales structure to be effective and efficient. Keeping our prices at a competitive level, while also providing customers with great deals has made us a favourite among beauty fanatics.

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Crest Whitening Strips

Anyone who has ever whitened their teeth has more than likely heard of Crest Whitening Strips. A leading product in the DIY teeth whitening industry, Crest Whitestrips are known for transforming the darkest of smiles into beaming white ones. 

The primary product of choice is Crest Professional Effects Whitestrips. Users of this phenomenal teeth whitening kit notice results in just 3 days and full whitening results in 20. The process is simple- just apply the strips to your teeth and allow the whitening gel enough time to remove stains on the enamel. The recommended wear time for Crest Professional Effects is 30 mins daily. 

Each pack of Crest Whitestrips comes as 20 treatments; essentially foil pouches containing 2 strips. Formulated into the strips is an enamel-safe whitening gel. Once the gel is applied to your teeth, it begins to eradicate stains. 

Results from using Crest Whitestrips can be prolonged by following daily dental care routines. Certain foods and habits should be avoided as much as possible to keep teeth a healthy shade of white. These include:



Red wine

Rich sauces ie. tomato, soy, BBQ

Sugary drinks and treats

Try and avoid these foods if you want to prolong the whiteness of your teeth. Another great way of locking in the whiteness is the use of whitening toothpaste, such as Crest Brilliance 2 Step Whitening System. This product not only gives your teeth a deep clean but also provides a polish-up that is 99% as good as a Professional Polish!

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Benefits of using Crest Whitestrips

Take advantage of the MANY benefits of using Crest Whitestrips today!

Professional whitening at home green tick

Notice results in 3 days green tick

Results last up to 12 months green tick

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Removes 10+ years of stains green tick

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